Project Management

The Triple Play Wireless Mobility Experts Team includes a team of highly trained and experienced Project Managers that have done hundreds of deployments nationwide. These project managers will work closely with your designated team to create a project plan to manage the process, develop metrics to analyze the success, work within your policies and procedures and ensure that a concrete plan is developed and executed. We also offer services to configure, stage & deploy devices, and pre-load applications prior to shipping or deploying.

Triple Play Wireless’ Mobility Experts Team assists you in the management and rollout of your wireless solution:

  • Process orders, activations, ports and upgrades
  • Address book/contact information transfer
  • Pre-load applications
  • Custom configuration of mobile devices
  • Customized ordering portals
  • Staging, kitting, provisioning, testing, activating and deploying
  • Metrics development and analysis



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